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*Earrings are sold seperate, not as a set*

1.Silver hoops paired w/ tribal beads & solid
dark brown beads

-Silver hoops paired w/ black wood flat beads
& silver beads

2.Black wood cross with hanging chains & silver
ear hooks

-Brown cross paired with champange shamballa
beads & gold ear hooks

3.Gold Hamsa w/ turquoise beaded hand & peacock
feather w/ gold ear hooks

-Silver hoops paired with beautiful deep navy blue flat wood beads


  • Tribal print - 50% in stock
  • Black flat wooden beads with silver beads - 100% in stock
  • Black cross w/chains - 100% in stock
  • Brown cross/shamballa beads - 100% in stock
  • Blue flat beads - 100% in stock