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B.L.U Hair Solution


Mixed Oils To Hydrate Your Hair & To Put Back That Moisture FOR EVERY HAIR TYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.Shea Butter,Olive Oil,Coconut Oil And Lavender- 2.7 FL OZ Bottles

2.Olive Oil,Safflower Oil,Grapeseed Oil

I Also Make Custom Oils To Fit Your Hair Problems The Best! And Whipped Shea Butter With Added Oils. Just Contact Me At

FOR EVERY TYPE OF HAIR-Straight,Relaxed,Natural,Course,Thin,Curly,Kinky,Dreads etc

Scents you can choose from:




4.Tea Tree


  • Number 1 Oil Mix 8oz - 33% in stock
  • Number 2 Oil Mix 8oz - 88% in stock
  • Whipped Shea Butter W Mixed Oils 4oz - 63% in stock